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Military Spec Folding Leg Table


Manufacturing Improvements


New Part Number, BOM, and Quoting System Design


Refreshed Bolt on Leg Design

The Situation

In the 80s and 90s Custom sold a range of steel tables to the Postal Service. There were various sizes, tops and accessories. I grew up with these tables in our garage at home in the garages. Since the 2000’s the only model in productions if the Folding Leg table, still sold to the military as an automotive maintenance table. 

These tables are norotiously difficult to bend due to their size and the 1960’s press brake used to bend them. 


The Solution

In 2020 Custom purchased their first new press brake since the 1960s, an 8′ Baileigh Machine. This new machine provides computer controlled accuracy and increased safety. This allowed Custom to reduce cost from scrap and improve quality of the folding leg tables. 

At the same time, all of the engineering drawings were created in CAD based on grandpa’s hand drawings. This represents a significant improvement over previous project documentation. 

While making the update to the folding leg table, a refreshed design was made using as many existing components to create a bold on leg shop table that will enter prototype production early in 2021


The Results

New Folding Leg Tables show improved quality and lower production costs thanks to the new press brake. Issues were found and quickly resolved during production ensuring the drawings and work instructions are correct and the process is well documented. 

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