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The Problem

In 2012 Black and Decker offered 8 different blender models made at 4 different suppliers. Each product had different costs, performance, and inconsistent quality.  These old products were no longer meeting customers or retailers needs. 

The Solution

After establishing a consistent test method and benchmarking the completion, a single platform was developed was created with interchangeable components to provide multiple control options. The drivetrain was rebuilt to improve quality and provide consistent performance all while reducing cost. Personal Blending jars drives were integrated into all models as well as interlocks to comply with global regulations 

The Results

The Blender platform created 10  models ranging from $29 – $49 depending on the features. The single source of supply delivered 5% cost improvement over previous models and the return rate dropped well below 3% . Innovations from this platform were used on multiple other projects and still form the basis of Black and Decker blenders to this day. 

  • Cost Improvement 5% 5%
  • Increased Quality 50% 50%
  • Best in Class Performance 85% 85%
Black and Decker Personal Blender
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