Helix Mixer

Improved performance and Unique Design 


Intern Project to Production


Patented Design


Improved Performance

The Situation

Each summer a group of interns would join the R&D Team. This provided an opportunity to mentor and lead a bright young mind and I jumped at the chance. This meant finding a limited scope project that could be completed over the summer.  

The Solution

The goal statement was to find a measurement method to quantify mixing performance and create designs to test improvements. Over the summer the intern worked to create the measurement, design, print and evaluate a number of potential designs. By the end of summer the basics of the Helix Mixer blades were established. Before the end of summer, the intern was able to put their name on a patent application. 

The Results

From the Intern’s work the project was moved into early production with a lot of work required to refine the design and make it manufacturable. Once this was resolved the mixers require testing to ensure reliability and quality. Once in production the unique helix shape and the 2x better mixing claim made this unit a commercial success, even becoming one of Oprah’s favorite things. 

The patent for this design was issued in 2020. 


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