Advanced Military Vehicle System Design & Integration



Multiple Prototypes - Gas & Hybrid


Hydraulic System Design


Pneumatic System Design


Active Suspension SYStem


2010 Baja 1000 Race

The Problem

Designing systems to meet the aggressive targets for weight and performance laid out by the Defense Department for the HMMWV Replacement Vehicle. Each system had to find innovative solutions to reduce weight and package components for durability and serviceability. 

The Solution

During the Bid process Oshkosh build and tested 3 different generations of vehicles, including Diesel and Hybrid Vehicles. Each had to be specified and improvements were made for each iteration. From Design to build support to testing, I was involved every step along the way. This includes my first Patent for a Pump for the Advanced Suspension System.  

The Results

While many of the components that I designed were replaced or modified later in the development process, Oshkosh Defense won the competitive contact and the JLTV was fielded in 2019. 

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