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The Problem

Lower priced blenders were losing market share to higher end models like Vitamix and Blendtec. This prompted a request to build a product that could offer high end performance for a lower price.

Similarly, Food processors had recently seen the introduction of a Dicing feature from KitchenAid protected by IP. 

The Solution

During development of the FusionBlade Blender Platform, Engineering developed a unique jar shape that greatly improved blending efficiency using Computational Fluid Dynamics and generative design.

A solution was found for the food processor to integrate dicing without Intellectual Property issues as well as other high end processor features to have both appliances ready to launch during the same season.  


The Results

The final products looked and performed much better than any previous products. The triangular blending jar performed exceptionally in making peanut butter and produced very smooth smoothies. 

The Food Processor required components to be color coded and poke-yoked to ensure proper assembly and a lot of effort went into the Instruction Book and Quick Start Guide. 

This project did teach me a lot about brand limitations and difficulty that comes from stepping up into professional performance. Processes and Systems meant to support entry level products aren’t always capable of finding issues in high performance products. 

This is where the Modern QFD Process come into play and can help identify these gaps and bulld capabilities ahead of development. 

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