Rapid Grill Platform

George Foreman Removable plate grills feature grill plates that can be removed for easier cleaning. The Removable plate range covers various sizes and control options. The rapid grill platform was designed to give new aesthetics, improved performance, and improved quality. The platform was designed to share common tools between sizes while providing a wide range of options to satisfy different retail partners. 


30% Faster Preheat Claim


Improved Plate Coatings


Improved Quality


10+ Total platform models

Performance Claim

During development marketing set a goal of having the fastest heating removable plate grills as a claim on the box. I was able to work with R&D to optimize the shape of the heater and other upgrades to accomplish this goal.  Every model had improved heating performance without added cost and marketing was able to claim a 30% heating improvement with the claim with a minor cost increase, giving them flexibility in the market. 


The Results

The current Removable plate grill portfolio for George foreman includes a mix of this platform but did not fully replace the previous platform. This means there is a mix of different performance levels, technology, and aesthetics. 

The claim did not make a large impact on the market. While the performance was better for preheat, the claim was not closely connected with a consumer need. 

Looking back with the QFD Process i currently use, a lot of effort on this project could have been directed to discovering and fulfilling real customer needs rather than chasing a claim. 


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