3 in 1 Total Juicer

 A compact design for a multi-function juicer, blender, and citrus juicer. 


Compact Design




Patented Design

The Problem

Juicers are typically large and cumbersome appliances with many parts. While many of the components are required by the design, the goal was to create something as compact as possible that also had improvements in easy of assembly and performance.  

The Solution

This close collaboration between engineering and industrial design required a lot of work to ensure high performance juicer performance without leaks and spills. It took considerable fine tuning during design and manufacturing.

Once the juicer was designed, the Citrus Juicer and Blender had to be integrated with drive mechanism required by the Juicer. 


The Results

The whole unit came together nicely and was a success, especially in the european market. We were also able to use blending components from the Total Juicer Personal Blender to save cost. 

This product resulted in the whole Juiceman line being updated to share a similar family aesthetic.  

Black and Decker Personal Blender
black and decker blender
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