Joseph Valdon Krebs
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J.V. Krebs

Valdon Solutions was founded to deliver product, process, and system solutions. I am passionate about leading change and delivering innovations to help satisfy users, businesses and the environment. Building from diverse experience and coming form a family of entrepreneurs, I look forward to finding solutions that fit your needs. 

I’ve Worked With

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Delivering Solutions


I believe in delivering results that create innovation and change as well as being on time and within budget. 

  • product development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management

product development

  • Modern QFD Certified
  • User Need Based Development
  • Focused on User Experience
  • Cyclic Design & Sustainability
  • Rapid Design and Prototyping

Systems Engineering

  • Reducing Risk and Development Time
  • Increasing Reliability and Performance
  • User Experience based Design
  • Automations & AI Solutions
  • Hybrid & Remote Work Compatible

Project Management

  • Cross Functional Team Leadership
  • Remote Work Experience
  • On Time Delivery
  • Design for Cost and Manufacturing
  • Detailed Reporting

Custom Manufacturing

Updated a small manufacturing and construction business from old school systems to Microsoft Office 365 to improve communication, file storage, collaboration and more via Microsoft Teams. 

Additionally provided Engineering and Production Support to create better processes and drive efficient systems from top to bottom, all while working remotely


George Foreman

During the pandemic Valdon Solutions was able to help take multiple projects from concept, through engineering and development to put them on track for successful launch. At the end of 2020 Projects were transitioned to a newly hired manager who I help mentor and train. The project required collaboration with the factory in China, The engineers in Middleton, and the global marketing team.